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252 - Benin Republic - Reticulated Python / Python Reticulatus)

The largest of the pythons, this is a long and relatively slender snake. Large 
specimens can attain considerable mass and bulk, specimens over 300 pounds 
are reported. The record length slightly exceeds 33 feet. Retics (as they are known) 
have big heads that are distinctly wider than the necks. Most specimens have 
orange eyes. Most specimens have pale dorsal blotches on the back, and smaller 
white lateral blotches high on the sides. This is a highly iridescent species. This is 
an extremely variable species with considerable geographic variation in appearance. 
There have been more unique snakes with unusual and anomalous appearances in 
this species than any other.
This is a small python species, heavy-bodied with a long slender neck, the head is 
broad and distinctly wider than the neck. Ball pythons have well-defined patterns 
colored with yellows, browns and black. The top of the head is dark bordered with 
pale canthal stripes. The eyes are black. There typically is a series of pale vertebral 
blotches that coalesce to form a pale stripe on the posterior body and tail, and large 
pale lateral blotches. West African specimens have black lateral blotches centered 
in the pale lateral blotches. There are records of a number of specimens with 
anomalous and unique patterns and colors.

Animal: Reticulated Python/Python Reticulatus
Issue date: April, 26 1999
Values: 135, 150, 200, 2000 F
Printing: ???
Printed In: ???
Artwork Stamps: ???
Groth Catalogue Price: 12 CHF

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