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WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) was officially formed and registered as a charity on 11 September 1961.
WWF -is the world's largest and most experienced independent nature conservation organization, with around 5 million supporters and a global network of 27 National organizations. One of the main goals of WWF was fundraising & financing different nature conservation projects worldwide.Fundraising efforts received a boost in 1983, with the launch of the Conservation Stamp Collection. Under this scheme, WWF in collaboration with Groth AG has worked with the postal authorities in more than 200 countries, helping them select threatened species to feature on official postage stamps.
Since 1983 postal administrations of over 200 countries had issued almost 300 issues. Basically postal authorities dedicate 4 stamps issues to one specific threatened specimen habitating in this region.

Last updated on September -01 - 2001
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