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Madagaskar - Beetles

The beetles (order Coleoptera) is the largest order within the largest class 
(Insecta) of the largest phylum (Arthropoda) of all living organisms. 
The first beetles probably appeared over 200 million years ago and through 
natural selection they have spread 
into all terrestrial and freshwater habitats and adopted all ecological niches 
from parasites to scavengers and from herbivores to carnivores. 
Most beetles have a tough, rigid exoskelton; their front wings are hardened 
into wing covers (elytra) that protect the membranous hind wings. 
When they fly, the front wings are held open to provide lift while the hind 
wings beat franticly to keep the insect airborne.

Issue Date: December 13, 1988 
Values: 4p, 16p, 50p and 70p 
Printing: ?????
Printed in: ????
Artwork Stamps: ???
Groth Price: CHF 76.5

On February 02, 1994
Madagskar Post has issued
set of 7 stamps & souvenir sheet,
made in the same manner as set of
1988 with WWF logo.
Look at complete two set in
Image gallery

Last updated on 
November -10 - 2002
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